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Published: 10/02/2017

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A compulsory medical insurance policy is a document under which its owner has the opportunity to receive free medical care. Not everyone knows that you can get it not only by permanent registration, but also by temporary one.

  • Obtaining a compulsory medical insurance policy during temporary registration
  • Grounds for temporary registration
  • Decor
  • Deadlines
  • VHI policy
  • Attachment to the clinic
  • Refusal to Attach

Obtaining a compulsory medical insurance policy during temporary registration

The compulsory medical insurance policy is valid throughout Russia. But the full range of services for it can only be obtained in the region where it was received. In other locations, only the basic set may be available .

Local health care programs can be quite good. Therefore, if you have to spend a long time at a place other than your registration address, it is recommended to apply for compulsory medical insurance under temporary registration. This will save money in case of any health problems or even improve it.

Foreigners can also obtain a temporary registration policy if they are permanent residents (that is, have a residence permit) or have an official job.

Why do you need a compulsory medical insurance policy?

It is impossible to imagine any modern citizen without a compulsory medical insurance policy. It is required for presentation to any of the educational and medical organizations. With its help, every citizen can use free medicine within the established framework of basic government support programs. To be more specific, the citizen is given the opportunity to:

  1. Upon the occurrence of an event, the consequences of which lead to insurance, apply for free services from medical specialists in full and in the proper form.
  2. After causing harm to his health, a citizen has the right to claim compensation for all damages during the provision of medical services.
  3. Protection that extends to his rights and interests.
  4. Finding an insurance company you like.
  5. The choice of a medical specialist, taking into account the consent of everyone.


To obtain a policy, you must write an application and attach some documents to it. In this case, a temporary certificate is issued.

You can receive full assistance using it until the compulsory medical insurance policy is ready.

Insurance medical organizations are responsible for issuing policies. They differ in different regions. The list can be seen on the website of the health insurance fund.

You can choose the same company that provided registration insurance, or another. After a year, you can change the organization if you are not happy with something in it.

For registration you will need:

  1. Passport, birth certificate, temporary ID card, refugee ID card, etc.
  2. SNILS (if it was issued).
  3. If a representative is handling the registration, you will need his passport and a power of attorney from a notary.

How to apply for a compulsory medical insurance policy if you are registered in the capital?

If you have registration in Moscow, you can get a new policy. To do this, you need to contact an insurance company participating in the capital’s compulsory medical insurance system. It does not matter what kind of registration a person has: temporary or permanent. “There are no differences when applying for a policy,” Kormilitsin emphasized.

You can also submit an application on the website of the insurance organization or on the official portal of the mayor of Moscow. To do this, the applicant must have a full (confirmed) account, and the SNILS number must be indicated in his personal account.

Question answer

What is this new type of fraud with SNILS?


As a rule, registration takes no more than 30 days. The document can be ready earlier, in 20 days.

When an application is accepted, they usually inform you when it can be picked up.

Both registration and all medical services are provided free of charge.

Compulsory health insurance has some nuances that not everyone knows about - you can change not only the organization, but also the attending physician. Moreover, this could be a therapist or a medical specialist. To do this, you will need to write an application addressed to the chief physician of the clinic.

Issues related to medical insurance for foreigners are clarified in the FFMS letter N 5545/30-3/i, issued on October 3, 1999.

If the doctor does not take this into account when writing the referral, you need to contact your health insurer.

Design options

Obtaining a certificate is not difficult - the procedure in question does not cause difficulties for applicants. There are several options for obtaining a temporary compulsory medical insurance policy:

  • Contacting the selected insurance company through a personal visit.
  • Appeal to the territorial fund “My Documents” (MFC).
  • Submitting an application online to the official website of the insurer, the State Services portal. In Moscow, residents order a certificate on the official website of the City Hall -

The first step is to choose a reliable, trusted insurance company. The list of insurers differs in regions. The applicant is recommended to familiarize himself with the current list, then select a suitable office.

The applicant prepares a complete package of documents. When submitting an application via the Internet, you will need to enter the data without errors. If an error is detected by the automated system, a digital copy is sent via email.

After registration, the manager will issue a temporary health insurance policy or send a digital one to an electronic mailbox, depending on the chosen method. The procedure takes 20 minutes.

VHI policy

Many citizens and others living in Russia prefer to apply for VHI.

Voluntary insurance has a number of advantages compared to mandatory:

  1. Help is provided not only in public but also in private centers.
  2. As a rule, the range of services is wider.
  3. More modern materials, drugs and equipment are often used.
  4. Save time by not having to wait in line.
  5. The ability to quickly get to the right specialist.
  6. It is often possible not to go to the doctor, but to call him at home.

But there are also disadvantages:

  1. First of all, the price is quite high.
  2. You can only get help in the region where the selected organization operates.
  3. Not all illnesses and insured events are covered by insurance.

Registration is not important for obtaining voluntary health insurance. It can be obtained at the place of registration or temporary registration.

How to get a compulsory medical insurance policy without registration

A health insurance policy is useful in the everyday life of every person, because he can get sick completely unexpectedly. If such a document is missing, the sick person has the right to provide only a paid price list of services. Many citizens who do not have registration are asking the pressing question of how to still obtain a compulsory insurance policy without registration. There are certain rules:

  • If a citizen is officially registered from the first working day, then the likelihood of receiving a policy is high. This fact is due to the fact that in the process of calculating “white” wages, deductions are made to the pension and health insurance fund;
  • It is also possible to apply for a compulsory medical insurance policy by contacting your direct employer. The duration of the procedure for registering and receiving a policy can take up to two months. But a faster outcome is also possible - the employer can speed up the procedure and issue the policy after two weeks.

Therefore, when applying for an official job, first of all ask your employer to issue you an insurance policy.

Attachment to the clinic

To join, you need to fill out an application addressed to the head physician. Forms or sample forms must be available at the registration desk. In addition, you will need the following documents (and copies):

  • passport (birth certificate or other similar document);
  • compulsory medical insurance policy.

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What is this

Medical insurance (CHI) is a certificate confirming the right to receive free assistance from medical workers when visiting a medical treatment organization. It is produced on a standardized A5 paper form with a unique barcode and hologram located on the front side, and has a unique series and number.

Important! In certain regions, citizens receive permanent compulsory medical insurance on a plastic card with a photo of the owner and a built-in digital chip.

A temporary compulsory medical insurance policy is an analogue of a permanent sample with a set validity period. A unified template has been adopted for it, the designation is written in the header - a temporary certificate confirming the registration of a compulsory health insurance policy. Additionally indicated:

  • Insurance company name, contact details, legal address.
  • Last name, first name, patronymic of the insured.
  • Age.
  • Place of Birth.
  • Floor.
  • Information about a passport or other document.
  • Serial number of the certificate, day of issue.
  • Information about the manager of the insurance organization that issued the temporary medical policy.

The specified information is certified by the state seal of the organization.

Where to contact

You can draw up and submit the collected certificates to insurance organizations included in the register of the Moscow City Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund. Residents of the Moscow region who have not received a policy can apply for it both at insurance companies and at any My Documents institution. Moreover, this action is possible even outside the place of registration.

It is also important that a newborn child, within 30 days after his birth, will be registered with one insurance company together with his mother or with another legal representative (this could be a father, guardian, trustee, etc.). After this period, the parent has the right to change the insurer for the child.

The same organization will issue a temporary compulsory medical insurance policy for a period of 30 days (this is how long the original is produced). A temporary document, as a rule, is issued on the same day when the application with all the papers was submitted.

Procedure for obtaining a temporary policy

The procedure for obtaining a temporary certificate is an integral part of obtaining a permanent compulsory medical insurance policy. Therefore, the package of documents for obtaining a certificate must be complete.

If you need to obtain health insurance for a newborn, you need to collect the following documents:

  • civil passport of the parent or other legal representative of the child;
  • baby's birth certificate;
  • SNILS (pension insurance certificate) – if available.

If the interests of a newborn or a minor citizen are represented not by a legal representative, but by another person, he will need a written power of attorney provided by the child’s representative.

An adult citizen will need the following documents:

  • civil passport and other identity card (original and copy);
  • SNILS;
  • old insurance contract (if available).

Foreign citizens must have with them:

  • your national passport and its translation certified by a notary and the seal of the temporary residence permit;
  • temporary registration of a foreigner on the territory of the Russian Federation (original and copy);
  • SNILS (if available);
  • old policy (if available).

Where to get a temporary compulsory medical insurance policy

You can apply for insurance from the following authorities:

  • to your own or any other insurance company;
  • to the clinic at your place of residence. This is especially true if the permanent contract is lost and the application for a new one is left online;
  • to any branch of the MFC. The center operator will accept the documents and immediately issue a temporary document, just like an insurance employee;
  • to the HR service at your enterprise. As a rule, employers monitor the availability of compulsory health insurance for their employees and the need to renew it.

On a note! The policy in the form of a plastic card is not issued at all branches of the insurance company. Therefore, you need to find out the addresses of its issuing points in advance in order to fill out your application and receive a temporary document there.

Readiness and expiration date

The next significant difference is the production time and validity period. Temporary is issued on the day of application. The time required for processing and registering data in the system, producing and printing the form often takes about 20-30 minutes.

The period for which a temporary compulsory medical insurance policy is valid is 45 days. After a specified period of time, the customer is obliged to come to the insurance company and pick up the permanent policy. When filling out an application, the online policy is sent by email to the manager.

After 45 days, you will not be able to see a doctor for expired compulsory medical insurance. To avoid getting into an unpleasant situation, you should not delay the moment of receiving the document - often a compulsory medical insurance policy is issued no longer than 1 month after writing and submitting the application to the insurer. To check readiness, the applicant can contact the medical insurance organization by phone.

The validity period of a permanent compulsory medical insurance policy is unlimited, but for temporarily residing foreign citizens the last day is the date of completion of registration.

Protecting your own health is the responsibility of the individual citizen. Having started preparing documents in a timely manner, a person provides himself with peace of mind and confidence in the future, and digital technologies allow him to do important things without leaving home and without interrupting his work.

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