How to check the readiness of a temporary residence permit

Checking the readiness of the RVP

After preparing official papers and submitting them to the appropriate authorities, a person can only wait for a decision from the authorities. The state website is used to indicate the readiness of temporary residence permits for Moscow and other regions, where the applicant can check the status of the permit.

An additional option is to visit a department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The department should provide personal information - full name and form issued at the time of registration of official papers.

Note: the form must be kept until the day you receive the permit, otherwise the certificate will not be issued.

Procedure for checking on the portal

Algorithm for checking the readiness of the RVP:

  1. Indicate the region where the applicant is located or the region in which the application was submitted;
  2. Enter the date, month and year of birth;
  3. Enter the unique document code issued when submitting papers to the Migration Service;
  4. After filling out all fields marked with a “blue asterisk”, enter the verification number and click the “Submit Request” button.

The system operates online, and information is updated every day. Therefore, the information provided is 100% current. It is noteworthy that the resource refers to the fact that the information provided is not legally significant.

Online check on the website guvm.mvd.rf

The period for consideration of the application is from two months to six months by the migration service. At the same time, foreign nationals can check the readiness of a temporary residence permit using their last name, as well as information from their passport.

Please note: it is not possible to obtain information about the status of a permit using one last name. Therefore, the user must enter information about the date and place of birth, as well as a series of documents indicating the person’s identity.

The website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is the readiness of temporary residence permits online. Official information can be obtained on the portal - guvm.mvd.rf.

Sample of filling out an application for residence permit 2021

You can

  • Under the column “APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE OF A RESIDENCE PERMIT” the name of the body to which the applicant is applying is indicated
  • In the line “motives...” the applicant writes why he needs a residence permit. Of course, there are no “right answers”. You can write about your desire to connect with your family, find a job, etc.
  • The most difficult section is “Information about the applicant”. It is he who is being tested, and the slightest mistake will be the reason for refusal. What data does it reflect:
  1. FULL NAME. It is written in both Russian and Latin letters. The second option must completely match the details of the foreigner’s passport. If a person has changed his last name, all old names must be listed after the first name. In addition, you need to write the year of change and the reason (for example, marriage)
  2. Date and place of birth. There are no special requirements here.
  3. Citizenship. It is indicated which country the person currently has a passport and which state he was previously a citizen of.
  4. Floor
  5. Passport data: number, series, by whom and when issued.
  6. Nationality and religion – indicated at will
  7. Family status. The details of the certificate or other document certifying the marriage are written down.
  8. List of close relatives. Indicated even if they remained in their homeland.
  9. Information about work for the last 3 years. If the applicant worked unofficially, he writes “did not work.”
  10. TIN - if available
  11. Information about outstanding convictions for serious or especially serious crimes. The only acceptable answer is “I don’t.” Otherwise, the residence permit will be denied.
  12. Current place of residence address and telephone number.
  • List of documents.
  • Date and signature.

What is needed for verification

You can check the readiness of the temporary residence permit online after providing personal information on the portal of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The applicant will need:

  • follow this link;
  • fill out the form;
  • indicate the verification code from the image;
  • send a request;
  • get the result based on the entered information.

It is noteworthy that for visually impaired people the system offers an audio verification code.

The result may be given in a format such as: “There is no data on the readiness of the temporary residence permit.” This alert indicates that the document is not yet ready or there is an error in the information entered.

Attention! When filling out the form, you should carefully check your personal information and indicate it in accordance with your passport data. If there is a typo, the system will not be able to produce the current result.

Other Permission Testing Methods

There are two additional methods for checking the readiness of the Russian temporary residence permit:

  • in-person visit to the territorial department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • call the hotline number 8-800-222-74-47.

Other verification methods

In some cases, for example when there is no access to the Internet, it will be easier to call and check the status of documents by calling the hotline 88005505030.

In addition, in many branches of the MFC in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia, SMS notifications about the readiness of documents are available; check with the operator for availability of the service.

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Production time

The period within which a permit is issued is 2-6 months. In this case, a minimum period of 60 calendar days is provided for the following category of persons:

  1. A foreign citizen is a participant in the state program for voluntary assistance in the resettlement of compatriots in the Russian Federation. And also if assistance is provided to family members who have applied to the Russian Consulate to obtain a residence permit.
  2. The person arrived in the country with rights that do not require a visa.

A period of six months is provided for the following foreign nationals:

  1. The application for permission took place at the Russian consulate on the territory of another state where the applicant permanently resides.
  2. Arrival in Russia requires a visa.

The period begins from the moment the application is registered and the relevant documentation is provided to the authorized person.

Obtaining Russian citizenship in a simplified manner 2021

The following can obtain a Russian passport in a simplified manner:

  • Native speakers of Russian. These are people who are culturally connected to Russia and are fluent in the state language of Russia. They can receive a Russian passport as soon as they receive NRY status.
  • Persons who have been granted political asylum in Russia. In this case, it is enough for the foreigner to have such a decision made.
  • Former citizens of the Soviet Union, born in the RSFSR. Previously, Russia created a program for the resettlement of compatriots from other republics. Now the authorities are offering to return to those who were born in the country.
  • Married to Russian citizens for at least 3 years
  • Those who have children - citizens of the Russian Federation
  • At least one parent is a citizen of the Russian Federation
  • Graduated from a Russian university after 01/01/2002 and are officially employed
  • Individual entrepreneurs working in Russia in areas determined by the Government and who have paid taxes in excess of 1 million rubles over 3 years.
  • Investors who have invested at least 10 million rubles in a company with an authorized capital of 100 million or more. At the same time, the company must pay at least 6 million rubles for 3 years of operation. taxes.
  • Citizens of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Moldova.
  • The listed categories do not need to confirm their income or live in Russia for 5 years continuously.

Reasons for the delay in issuing permission

The readiness period for the temporary residence permit of the Russian Federation is approved at the legislative level, therefore violation of this period is unauthorized. A person has the right to appeal to the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the judicial authority and the prosecutor's office with a complaint.

A common reason for delay is insufficient documentation, but in this case the official is required to notify the applicant.

If representatives of a government agency have valid arguments for refusing to issue a permit, then the citizen must be notified of this fact at the time of submitting the application. Such reasons include excess volume under quotas or other reasons regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

What to do if there is no data on the readiness of the temporary residence permit

Despite the fact that the legislator sets clear deadlines within which a migrant must obtain a temporary residence permit, in practice they may be delayed. Within the department, documents are submitted for review in batches, which can be formed over several days. The likelihood that information about the readiness of the temporary residence permit will be updated some time after the request is extremely high.

However, if information about the document is not only missing from the electronic database, but is also not provided in response to a personal appeal even after the deadline has expired, it is worth contacting the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a complaint about violation of the law. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. Personally visiting the territorial office of the department. In this case, the complaint is drawn up in paper form in two copies, one of which is handed over to the authorized official, and the second, with a receipt noted, remains with the applicant. The application should be accompanied by a copy of the receipt issued by an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs upon receipt of documents for registration of a temporary residence permit.
  2. Using the electronic service for sending complaints, located at https://mvd.rf/request_main. The response to the appeal is sent to the applicant by regular or email. Usually, after considering the application received from the migrant, information about the results of the application for a temporary residence permit is transferred to him within one or two days.

Possible problems

When contacting the FMS to verify a temporary residence permit, a number of difficulties may arise.

What to do if there is no solution on the site?

In such situations, it is recommended to visit the official website of the government agency using this link. The resource provides complete information and contact information for each territorial division.

If the review period has long expired and there is no decision

If a decision is not received after the specified time or if the answer is negative, the citizen has the right to try to establish contact with the inspector about filing an application for reconsideration. In the absence of consensus, it is permissible to file a claim with higher management, the prosecutor's office, or a statement of claim with the judicial authorities.

If the passport with the RVP stamp is not returned

Such actions are illegal unless they have legal status. Therefore, you can contact a law firm to receive legal assistance.

How to obtain a temporary residence permit

A temporary residence permit is issued only on the territory of Russia by divisions of the Internal Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Department of Internal Migration) at the place of the applicant’s intended residence. If the application was submitted outside of Russia, the applicant first receives an ordinary visa to obtain a temporary residence permit. In general, permission is issued in the form of a mark in an identity document (usually a foreigner’s passport). Notes on temporary residence permits for children are placed in the passports of their parents. If the applicant does not have citizenship, he is issued a temporary residence permit on a special form.

To obtain a temporary residence permit, the applicant must personally contact the territorial division of the Department of Migration with an identification document. Those who applied electronically must also submit all documents in originals.

The temporary residence permit is completed within the following time frames (during the registration period, the applicant is issued a certificate):

  • 10 calendar days after the applicant’s application to the Department of Migration - as a general rule;
  • 5 calendar days after the applicant’s application to the UVM - for those participating in the state program for the resettlement of compatriots;
  • 3 working days after a positive decision on issuing a temporary residence permit is made - for stateless persons.

Upon receipt of the temporary residence permit, the applicant is explained against receipt:

  • main provisions of legislation on the status of foreigners in the Russian Federation;
  • possible reasons for cancellation of the temporary residence permit;
  • legal status of the holder of a temporary residence permit;
  • obligation to annually confirm the fact of residence in the Russian Federation.

Checking the RVP for authenticity

On the part of the employer who employs a foreign national, it is important to ensure that he or she has a temporary residence permit. Accordingly, this is also of high importance for a citizen, because after receiving a temporary residence permit, a person acquires a different status and has the right to submit documents for obtaining a residence permit. In view of this, it is necessary to ensure the authenticity of the received document and the absence of errors or typos.

You can find out about the readiness of the temporary residence permit, as well as the authenticity of the document, on the website of the migration service. To do this, the user needs to open the “Information Services” section and select the name of the official paper. Then, in the form that appears, enter the series and number of the permit, type of activity and passport details of the applicant.

In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the applicant is given 7 calendar days to complete the registration procedure at the Migration Department after receiving permission. After this, the foreign national has 6 months to apply for a residence permit.

Watch the video about checking the readiness of the RVP

Download the annual notification form for residence permit 2021

Foreigners who have received a residence permit are required to submit a confirmation notice annually. Its form is established by the Government. The requirements for filling out the form are as follows:

  • The text is written in Russian
  • Fill out in handwriting or on the computer
  • Corrections, reductions, etc. are unacceptable.

Like the application for a residence permit, the notification can be submitted in person or electronically through the State Services portal. However, in the latter case, an electronic digital signature will be required. For minors, documents are submitted by their parents. Attached to the form:

  • Foreigner's passport or other identity document.
  • RVP
  • Papers confirming the source of income. If the applicant works officially under an employment contract, there is no need to prove earnings. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will independently request the tax authorities.
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