Computer training for pensioners - courses for older people in Moscow and the regions
How can an elderly person master a computer and the Internet? There are several ways of learning: courses in groups;
06/30/2021 Latest pension news for Russian pensioners - important information
06/30/2021 When will there be indexation and increase in pensions for working, non-working and military pensioners again?
Final summary of the complete abolition of pensions for working pensioners
Bad forecast On one of the central channels, the issue of recent days was actively discussed - pension
Search for the PFR registration number on the pension fund website
What is a Pension Fund number and how can you find it out using your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
Basic information When registering with the Pension Fund, each payer receives his own unique number,
How official work affects retirement in 2021
Who is considered a working pensioner - The current legislation does not provide a definition of the concept of “working person”.
Pension certificate number - advice from lawyers and lawyers
Where to look for the series and birth certificate number Example: VI-EP No. 111111. This number
Valorization of pension: what is it, what is taken into account when calculating, coefficient for work up to 91 years
Determining the valorization process for pensioners The valorization process begins with the recalculation of citizens’ pension savings as
Information about the Russian Pension Fund
Spu_orb program free download latest version Spu_orb 2021
Login to your personal account The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation acts as a key social institution of our country
Illegal trade in Vilnius, Lithuania
Minimum and average pension in Latvia now in 2021
Pension system in Latvia The pension system consists of three main components: state (compulsory)
What do retired people do in different countries?
20 options for what to do in retirement for women and men
Women Many people associate grandmothers with the aromas of freshly baked pies and the round dance of their grandchildren.
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