How to get a temporary compulsory medical insurance policy - features, requirements and validity period
Home / Real estate / Housing rights / Registration / Temporary registration at the place of stay
Sample application for a Bulgarian visa in 2021
Rules for obtaining a visa to Bulgaria Bulgaria has not yet joined the Schengen zone. Therefore, for
Part-time work in Moscow: 11,800 vacancies
It’s no secret that Ukrainians have been going to Russia to work for many years.
How to get a quota for a temporary residence permit (TRP) in the Russian Federation - where to apply in Chelyabinsk (Kalininsky district) in 2021
To obtain a temporary residence permit in Chelyabinsk (Kalininsky district), a foreign citizen must submit an application to the relevant
Visa in Thailand for Russians 2021 - how to get a visa yourself
Do you need a visa to Thailand? For citizens of the Russian Federation. Visa to Thailand for Russians in
State duty for a residence permit in Russia: details, receipt
Residence permit Home › Immigration to Russia › Residence permit 12/22/2018 As soon as a foreign citizen crosses
signing of RVP documents
Application form for the allocation of a quota for issuing a temporary residence permit to a foreign citizen
The TRP quota is a norm that determines the number of foreign citizens who can obtain a permit
Hire an employee from another country: contract, salary, signatures - how to get it all done
In this article we will examine the following questions: How to register employees from other countries. We describe the methods
Fictitious marriages have become a profitable business
Fictitious marriage to obtain Russian citizenship There is another way to meet an interested person.
Registration of foreign citizens at the place of stay in 2021
The flow of foreign citizens wishing to stay on Russian soil for some time is increasing every year.
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