Residents of Transcarpathia! How to obtain Hungarian citizenship: 3 easy ways (PHOTO)

Many residents of Ukraine want to obtain Hungarian citizenship. The desire is justified by a clear and simple procedure for obtaining citizenship, a wonderful climate, and a European standard of living.

The information in the article introduces the possibility of moving to Hungary. You will learn how to obtain citizenship in Hungary, what grounds allow you to apply for a long-term visa, how long it will take for naturalization.

Benefits of Hungarian citizenship

The main advantage of obtaining citizenship in Hungary is the automatic acquisition of EU citizenship. Consequently, it becomes possible to visit the Schengen Union states without obtaining a visa, live on their territory, develop a business, work, study, and buy real estate. With a Hungarian passport you are allowed to travel to 140 countries of the world without visas.

Hungarian citizens have access to modern medicine, can get a loan from any bank in Europe, and enjoy social benefits and allowances.

Ways to obtain Hungarian citizenship

To obtain Hungarian citizenship, foreigners must legally enter Hungary with a long-term national visa. Please check the registration conditions and list of documents on the official website of the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine.

  • work in Hungary at the invitation of a Hungarian employer;
  • family reunification, foreigners with legal status can invite spouses and minor children to Hungary;
  • studying at Hungarian universities;
  • business registration;
  • marriage with Hungarian citizens.

The state fee for obtaining a National visa is 60 euros. Residence permit - residence permit in Hungary is obtained on the basis of a visa. The cost of reviewing documents is 33 euros.

After five years, they submit an application for permanent residence.

To obtain status:

  • take an exam in the Hungarian language;
  • the basics of the Constitution;
  • document their non-involvement in violating the law;
  • They also confirm their financial viability.

Candidates over sixty years of age and those who studied in Hungarian are exempt from the exam. The cost of registration is 33 euros. After three years, they submit an application for citizenship.

For those who obtain Hungarian citizenship through marriage or on the basis of a family reunification visa, the length of residence is reduced to three years.

After three years, refugees who are able to document their oppression in their home country receive citizenship. Stateless persons who have lived in Hungary for up to 18 years will receive citizenship after five years.

A residence permit in the Republic of Hungary cannot be automatically obtained when purchasing real estate.

  • born in a marriage where one or both parents are citizens of the country, the place of birth in this case does not matter;
  • born in a civil marriage of a Hungarian citizen and a foreigner;
  • adopted by a Hungarian citizen.

Children born on the territory of Hungary into the family of a foreigner who arrived on a visa-free or tourist visa will not receive citizenship.

The following can apply for citizenship:

  • children born in Hungary before the age of 19, if they have lived in the country for the last five years;
  • those who lost citizenship as a result of changes in the territorial boundaries of the state between September 1989 and May 1990, their mandatory period of stay was reduced from eight to three to five years.

Hungarian citizenship can be obtained through a simplified repatriation procedure if there are documented family ties with ethnic Hungarians or persons who previously had Hungarian citizenship.

Dual citizenship is allowed in Hungary, but Ukrainian legislation does not provide for this possibility.

The program for granting citizenship in Hungary for investments made in the country's economy in the amount of 300,000 euros has been suspended since April 2017.

Options for obtaining Hungarian citizenship for a Ukrainian

First, we will briefly consider two of the three ways to obtain Hungarian citizenship, and we will put the last one in the next, separate subheading. The myths that surround it force us to pay special, closer attention to it.

Hungary is an excellent migration option for those looking for a calm and developed state for their business


The best option for migrating from Ukraine is for those who have relatives in Hungary on at least one line. In principle, it is advisable to have documents that confirm this (this will save you from unnecessary red tape), but it is not necessary - you can simply send a request to where your ancestor was born. If possible, documents will be restored in accordance with the registry office metrics.

Do not be tempted to buy fraudulent family ties if you did not have ancestors in Hungary. In the history of this country, quite recently there was an experience of checking such documents, and passports obtained in this way were cancelled.


This option involves marrying a Hungarian citizen. Notes: you should not have any problems with the law, and you must live in the territory of your host country for a long time without long departures.

How and where is citizenship applied for?

Information about immigration to Hungary and obtaining citizenship is easy to obtain from the country's Migration Service. A Hungarian passport under the repatriation program can be issued in the country of residence of the repatriate. The main condition is knowledge of the Hungarian language at least at the everyday level.

Foreign candidates who have the required period of residence submit an application for citizenship to the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Citizenship. A Hungarian passport under the repatriation program can be issued in the country of residence of the repatriate. The main condition is knowledge of the Hungarian language at least at the everyday level.

Foreign candidates who have the required period of residence submit an application for citizenship to the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Citizenship.

  1. Application requesting citizenship.
  2. Completed application form.
  3. Notarized copies of foreign and internal passports.
  4. Original birth certificate.
  5. Two photographs size 45x35 mm.
  6. Marriage registration certificate.
  7. Birth certificates of children, if available.
  8. Personal autobiography and that of your spouse (if married).
  9. Certificate confirming your level of proficiency in the Hungarian language.
  10. Certificate of absence:
  • debts;
  • problems with the law;
  • about having a regular income or sufficient funds for living.
  1. Check the payment of the state fee for obtaining Hungarian citizenship, the cost, please check with the Office of Migration and Citizenship.

Be prepared for the interview. Documents issued in Ukraine must have a notarized translation, and an apostille is required. The waiting period for a decision is from two to six months.

If the answer is positive, the applicant will receive an invitation to take the oath of allegiance to the Hungarian Republic. The oath must be taken within one year of approval of the application. Failure to meet deadlines will result in cancellation of status.

What does a Hungarian passport give?

    Removes visa barriers with more than 160 countries, including the USA, Canada and Australia. It erases the borders between EU countries and makes it possible to live in any EU country without restrictions. Guarantees social protection and reliable medicine for your family. Provides a selection of the best educational institutions in Europe for your children. Provides legal withdrawal and storage of your capital in hard EU currency.

Dual Hungarian citizenship

Hungary recognizes dual citizenship and therefore will not require you to renounce your primary citizenship.

At the same time, not all CIS countries do not share the citizenship of their residents with other states.

At the same time, the presence of a second passport for CIS citizens does not formally contradict the domestic legislation of these countries. Therefore, you can safely obtain Hungarian citizenship and retain your citizenship.

Hungarian passport

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In search of better living conditions, a large number of foreigners become applicants for Hungarian citizenship. Hungary is one of the leading countries of the European Union, opening up new opportunities and prospects for its citizens. The result of obtaining Hungarian citizenship is the issuance of a passport, which makes its holders full EU citizens.

Benefits of having a Hungarian passport
  • abolition of the visa regime with 150 countries, including the USA, Canada and Australia;
  • the absence of borders between EU countries, which allows you to live, study or work in any EU state without restrictions;
  • high level of social and health care in EU member countries;
  • the ability to store funds in the best banks in Europe;
  • favorable conditions for creating, running and developing your own business.

What does a Hungarian passport look like?

Since 2013, regular Hungarian passports have:

  • — burgundy color (previously dark blue);
  • - the national coat of arms, decorated in the center of the front cover;
  • - inscriptions in Hungarian “EURÓPAI UNIÓ” (European Union) and “MAGYARORSZÁG” (Hungary) above the coat of arms, and “ÚTLEVÉL” (passport) below it.
  • - standard biometric symbol at the bottom of the front cover and a biometric microchip under the comb.
Passport validity period:

For children under 6 years old 3 years

For children 6-18 years old 5 years

For adults 10 years old

Unfortunately, not everyone can obtain a Hungarian passport. The lack of legal grounds - the presence of Hungarian roots - makes it extremely difficult to acquire citizenship of this European country. But because Hungary is part of the European Union, so any EU citizen can legally live, study and work in the territory of this state. Therefore, the best option to get what you want would be to apply for a passport from any other EU member state. You can become an EU citizen as quickly as possible by applying for Bulgarian or Romanian citizenship. The migration legislation of these states is friendly to migrants and provides simplified options for them to obtain citizenship.

Therefore, if you want to obtain EU citizenship as quickly as possible, we advise you to entrust the registration procedure to professionals. Experienced specialists at International Business will select the most suitable program for obtaining an EU passport for you, taking into account your individual wishes.

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Now anyone can obtain Romanian citizenship!

Collection and preparation of all documents to obtain a Pole's Card!

Legal registration of Bulgarian citizenship, without knowing the language!

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Repatriation - return to homeland

Ethnic Hungarians who were born or lived in territories that were separated from Hungary as a result of wars have the right to obtain Hungarian citizenship in a simplified form.

If you or your relatives lived or were born in the territories of Southern Slovakia, Transylvania, Vojvodina or the current Transcarpathian region of Ukraine before 1920 or from 1938 to 1945, you can obtain Hungarian citizenship by repatriation.


The Hungarian Law “On Hungarian Citizenship” as amended, after which since 2011 it has become possible to obtain Hungarian citizenship by repatriation.


The issuance of a Hungarian passport is carried out on the basis of the Hungarian Citizenship Law of 1993. The document is periodically amended, in particular, the most significant changes date back to 2011. From now on, former Hungarian citizens or foreigners who are descendants of persons who held Hungarian citizenship in the period before 1920 or between 1941–1945 can obtain a repatriation passport. The candidate’s place of residence does not matter, but Hungarian language skills are required.

Until recently, one of the most accessible ways to obtain Hungarian citizenship for Russians or Ukrainians without Hungarian roots was to make large investments in the local economy, or more precisely, in government bonds with a maturity of up to 5 years. The minimum amount of funds was 300 thousand euros.

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Benefits of obtaining citizenship by repatriation

    You get the right (not the obligation!) to live in Hungary; The receiving procedure takes 3-6 months; Minimum acquisition costs; Your relatives can also obtain citizenship on these grounds; You are not required to renounce your primary citizenship of the country in which you reside.

Disadvantages of citizenship by repatriation

To obtain Hungarian citizenship by repatriation, you must actually have ethnic roots. This opportunity cannot be earned by naturalization or purchased, as with investments.

And, if you register as a relative to someone else’s Hungarian family, remember that this risks not only deportation from the country and refusal to cross the borders of the European Union, but also criminal liability.

Read more about how to obtain Hungarian citizenship by repatriation here.

Austrian citizenship by investment*

Under consideration in the Hungarian Parliament

Please note that, contrary to advertising about quickly obtaining Hungarian citizenship “for special merits,” the law does not connect this basis with investors.

A simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship by an investor is currently under consideration in Parliament and may be adopted in the near future. Therefore, it will not be possible to obtain a Hungarian passport now.

But! At the moment, the investor is guaranteed the opportunity to live with permanent residence in any EU country 365 days a year without being tied to Hungary itself. And this opportunity will be available in just six months.

Filmed for friends

The fact that many local residents in Transcarpathia have two passports in their document folder, Ukrainian and Hungarian, has long been no secret.
Citizenship of the neighboring country has been issued to ethnic Hungarians for about eight years now. True, in local offices Transcarpathians, of course, do not show off a second passport, which is why these rumors, until recently, remained true, but unsubstantiated. No one was specifically looking for incriminating evidence on local residents and Hungarian diplomats who were handing out passports left and right - they were “burnt” by accident. The other day a confirmation hit the Internet - the video recorded the procedure for obtaining citizenship, the oath of allegiance to Hungary, the singing of the Anthem...: “I swear, I consider Hungary my Homeland. I will be a loyal citizen, protect and serve Hungary. May God help me.

“As far as I know, one guy who was applying for Hungarian citizenship made this video for his friends to demonstrate that the devil is not as scary as he is painted and, in principle, the procedure is not so complicated,” one told KP in Ukraine from the residents of Transcarpathia. – How it got onto the Internet is unknown. It is clear that no one wanted publicity, and there was none before this incident.

Features of the program

Returnable investments

Upon expiration of the Program, after 5 years, you return the invested funds. At the same time, you do not lose your permanent residence status in Hungary.

1 investment for the whole family

The program is provided for all family members, so you do not have to spend money on paperwork for relatives.

State control

The implementation of the Program is under the control of the Hungarian government. This eliminates the possibility of fraud and bureaucracy.


You are provided with several types of guarantees. Starting from independent selection of an escrow agent to guarantees for return on investment, which are prescribed by law.

Problems of obtaining Hungarian citizenship by investment

The only risk anyone can face in this situation is scammers. Under the guise of “specialists,” they promise mountains of gold, but after transferring a huge amount to the account, they disappear. What should you consider when choosing a company that will organize the entire process?

  • There are a number of companies that have the right to repurchase Hungarian government bonds under this program.
  • Under this program, clients are attracted through an agent network.
  • Agents who work with Russian-speaking clients must have a certificate from a licensed company. This will be confirmation of their authority. (Immigrant Invest is an official representative for working with Russian-speaking clients and has certificates from all companies)
  • If you request to change the escrow agent to your own, they should meet you halfway. A categorical “no, we cooperate only with them!” – a reason to bow out and look for a reliable company that will agree to such conditions.
  • It would be a good idea to check your reputation, as well as the number of real people whose transactions were successful.

Immigrant Invest is the official representative for working with Russian-speaking clients under this program and has certificates from all licensed companies.

Deadlines for obtaining residence permit, permanent residence and Hungarian citizenship

After 12 days from the date of submitting the documents, you will receive a response about granting you a residence permit, after another 1-2 weeks you will receive residence permit cards, and after 6 months the residence permit cards will be replaced with permanent residence.

A simplified procedure for obtaining Hungarian citizenship for investors is under consideration in the Hungarian Parliament. Therefore, at the moment, the final stage is obtaining permanent residence in Hungary.

High-quality medical care, inexpensive European education, accommodation in the very center of Europe, holidays at world resorts - all this makes obtaining Hungarian citizenship accessible. You can get your coveted passport in just two years if you use a special program for investors. And if you have Hungarian relatives, this can be done in an even shorter time.

Panoramic view of Budapest

The European standard of living and the climate, very similar to the Russian one, perfectly characterize this country. You can apply for a visa to Hungary yourself. Hungary is located in the very center of Europe, and at the same time not far from the Russian Federation. This is very convenient for those who do not intend to change their place of residence, but are only concerned about obtaining a second passport.

By the way, Hungarian citizenship does not mean giving up your first national passport, but allows you to visit more than 150 countries of the world without applying for visas or additional documents.

Citizenship for investors

The most attractive way to become a Hungarian passport holder and the youngest. Corresponding amendments to the current legislation were made only a few years ago. Obtaining Hungarian citizenship by investment has now become much easier.

Wealthy foreigners are welcome in Hungary in 2021. Favorable conditions have been created for them both for doing business and for immigration to Hungary.

PAKS Nuclear Power Plant in Hungary

Having an amount of 250 thousand euros + 50 thousand euros in your pocket, you will be able to provide yourself and your family (spouse and minor children) first with permanent residence in Hungary, and then with citizenship. Moreover, to do this you will have to live in the country for only 2 years, instead of 8, provided for by the naturalization procedure.

In general, moving for permanent residence to EU countries is now a procedure only for wealthy Russians.

In the midst of a crisis, a sharp rise in prices and mass unemployment, it is very difficult to count on well-paid jobs. Competition among the local population and residents of other EU countries is very high. But foreigners with money are always welcome.

Map of Hungary with Cities Indicated

It is worth understanding that you do not buy Hungarian citizenship with your own investments, but receive it for special services to the country in the economic sphere. The 250 thousand euros that you invest in government bonds will come back to you after 5 years. At that time, you will already be a full citizen of the European Union.

At the same time, knowledge of the Hungarian language is not a mandatory requirement, which undoubtedly facilitates the procedure of becoming a Hungarian citizen.

Transaction Basics

The interests of investors are fully protected, and the transaction is safe. First, a bilateral agreement is concluded, after which the required amount of 300 thousand euros is transferred to a bank account, which is frozen while all documents are verified and a decision is made on the possibility of investment activity in Hungary.

In case of a positive decision, the money is transferred to the account of the country’s Public Debt Management Center, and the investor and his entire family receive indefinite permanent residence, and after 2 years, Hungarian citizenship.

If the country's security service denies a foreigner the opportunity to conduct any activity on the territory of the country, then the frozen amount is returned in full to the foreigner, and the contract is canceled.

Obtaining citizenship through naturalization

Hungarian citizenship can be obtained by any foreigner who fulfills the naturalization requirements. There are few of them and they are standard for most Schengen countries. The main stumbling block is the mandatory knowledge of the language, which is considered quite difficult for Russians.

In addition to knowledge of Hungarian, the following conditions must be met:

  • Have lived in the country legally for at least 8 years before applying for citizenship;
  • Have no problems with the law; a mandatory condition is the absence of a criminal record;
  • Have a permanent source of income, it is different for each category of immigrants. This could be a salary received from an employer in Hungary, or it could be passive annual income received outside the country;
  • To obtain Hungarian citizenship, you will need to pass a test on your knowledge of the country's constitutional norms.

Sample passport of a citizen of Hungary

The last point is optional for pensioners, disabled people and students who have received a diploma from a local university.

Blood citizenship

The easiest way to obtain Hungarian citizenship in 2019 will be proof of blood relationship with relatives who live in this country.

The following categories of foreigners can receive the coveted passport:

  • Spouse of a Hungarian citizen;
  • Children adopted by Hungarian citizens;
  • Refugees who have officially confirmed their status;
  • Children born in the country who, if Hungarian citizenship is not granted, will remain stateless;
  • Children who received a residence permit before reaching adulthood;
  • Citizens who emigrated and lost citizenship of the country between September 15, 1947 and May 2, 1990.

Preferential conditions for obtaining citizenship are provided for these categories of foreigners.

From instant review of documents and making a decision immediately after submitting an application, to reducing the residency requirement to 3 and 5 years instead of the required 8.

Pitfalls of the repatriation program

Along with the beginning of the implementation of the state program for the return of blood Hungarians to their homeland and the development of a social movement that involves returning all ethnic Hungarians home, deceptive firms began to actively offer their services.

Under the guise of immigration agencies, they offer assistance in preparing and processing documents, restoring archival records and acts indicating that your relatives actually lived in Hungary. Most of these documents turn out to be false. Which leads to serious problems in the future for the applicant.

In particular, in 2018-2019, thorough checks were carried out and many newly minted citizens who received passports with the help of such intermediaries were deported from the country and for a very long time were deprived of the opportunity to enter the European Union zone.

Taking advantage of the state repatriation program and trying to get a Hungarian passport on preferential terms only makes sense if you really have or had relatives in this country. At the same time, you need to prepare documents yourself, and not trust this matter to dubious companies.

A passport will be issued if you prove your relationship

In order to become a Hungarian citizen, you need to provide documents confirming that your relatives, preferably close ones, lived in Transcarpathia at a time when the region was part of Hungary.

“You write an application, it is considered, if the decision is positive, you take the oath, sing the anthem, and that’s it – you’re a Hungarian,” explain residents of the city of Berehove in Transcarpathia, where, in fact, the scandalous video was filmed.

Citizenship of an EU member state provides a lot of advantages - a good job, the opportunity to travel, study, receive treatment, and, ultimately, receive a Hungarian pension and live comfortably in Ukraine.

“Many people do this - they get passports not for the sake of emigration, but to feel like a white man in Europe, to work, to move freely, and to have the opportunity to live with dignity in Ukraine,” continue the residents of Beregovo. – And those who don’t have Hungarian roots often buy fake certificates. They used to cost from 500 to 2000 euros. True, if they find out that the documents are fake, they will be deprived of citizenship. About 10 people were deprived of it after document checks - after these newly minted Hungarians went to a neighboring country and caused trouble there. They were sent back.

Necessary documents for obtaining Hungarian citizenship

A Hungarian passport gives you the same rights as native residents of the country, including voting rights. And as a pleasant addition, there are erased borders throughout Europe: you will be able to visit about 150 countries without visas and additional documents, with only a Hungarian passport in hand.

To become the owner of the treasured document, you need to collect the following package of documents:

  • Write an application for Hungarian citizenship;
  • Provide copies of valid national and foreign passports;
  • Two photographs, one standard visa, the second – portrait;
  • Provide documents confirming your identity, origin, relationship, and marital status. This item will include birth certificates of your own, parents and children, marriage/divorce;
  • Official short biography. The document is drawn up for yourself and your spouse.

Sample autobiography for obtaining Hungarian citizenship

All documents must be translated into Hungarian and notarized. If you have a package of papers accepted for consideration, then in 90% of cases a positive decision will be made. When the Hungarian passport is ready, you will need to take an oath, this is a solemn ceremony of allegiance to the Hungarian Republic.

Registration and receipt of Hungarian citizenship

  • Write an application for Hungarian citizenship;
  • Provide copies of valid national and foreign passports;
  • Two photographs, one standard visa, the second – portrait;
  • Provide documents confirming your identity, origin, relationship, and marital status. This item will include birth certificates of your own, parents and children, marriage/divorce;
  • Official short biography. The document is drawn up for yourself and your spouse.

High-quality medical care, inexpensive European education, accommodation in the very center of Europe, holidays at world resorts - all this makes obtaining Hungarian citizenship accessible. You can get your coveted passport in just two years if you use a special program for investors. And if you have Hungarian relatives, this can be done in an even shorter time.

Dual citizenship Hungary-Russia

The opportunity to have a second citizenship is very attractive for our compatriots. In this regard, Hungary is an excellent option. True, here we are not talking about dual citizenship, but about a second one.

The difference is that countries do not have an agreement signed among themselves that resolves controversial issues at the state level.

For example, where to do military service for a person with two passports, in which country to pay taxes, etc. In each specific case, the multicitizen will understand his problems independently.

On the territory of Russia, only a Russian passport will be valid and all issues will be resolved with the person as a citizen of the Russian Federation. Hungary will consider a former foreigner with a national passport as its full citizen.

Questions from the law will not arise in any of the countries. However, Russia imposes an obligation on all citizens who have received a second citizenship to notify the FMS about this.

Civil servants of this organization must be notified within two months. After 60 days, those who did not do this will face impressive sanctions: a fine in the amount of annual income or 200 thousand rubles. Monetary penalties can be replaced by 400 hours of corrective labor.

Historical background: when did the emigration of Transcarpathian citizens to Hungary begin and why?

To understand more clearly why migration to Hungary is a good option for Transcarpathians, let’s look at what such resettlement looked like before and why it happened.

Since the 19th century, population migration from Transcarpathia has become increasingly widespread, however, not only in the direction of Hungary, but also neighboring countries in Europe and even the USA. The reason for this is famine, armed conflicts, and natural disasters. Migration is of a labor nature.

At the end of the 80s, Transcarpathians began to emigrate from their native region, purposefully to Hungary, as it began to create comfortable conditions for foreign Hungarians. Citizens of Beregovo, Uzhgorod and Vinogradiv districts are leading in this process.

An interesting point: Hungarian legislation has nothing against obtaining dual citizenship, but Ukrainian legislation implies a fine for this. Moreover, the Ukrainian authorities intend to introduce tougher sanctions for this, including deprivation of citizenship, but for now this is impossible: such a law would contradict Art. 25 of the Ukrainian Constitution: “a citizen of Ukraine cannot be deprived of citizenship.” By the way, under the same article he cannot be deprived of the right to change it (but not get a second one).

The east of Hungary, where most Transcarpathians migrate, is unusually picturesque

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