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Many residents of the CIS consider obtaining a residence permit in the EU to be a difficult process, although this is not an entirely correct conclusion. A residence permit in the European Union opens up new prospects and opportunities for its owner.

You cannot buy a residence permit from an EU country. However, there are a sufficient number of optimal ways to design it. European states do put forward strict requirements for those who want to obtain a residence permit in the EU. But their implementation is a feasible task. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the conditions of immigration legislation in detail and follow them. If you want to quickly and reliably achieve your goal, then it is better to entrust this work to experienced lawyers.

What is a residence permit

Residence permit is the most often abbreviated term for the concept of “temporary residence permit.” There are special names for this document, as well as special procedures that lead to its receipt in each of the European Union countries. Anyone who wants to have such a residence permit dreams of finding a country where it is easier to do this.

Residence permit card in Italy

A residence permit can be issued both with the right to work and without obtaining such an opportunity. In countries attractive for immigration, such as Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic, which until recently occupied a leading position in the number of business immigration, it has now become very difficult to obtain a residence permit with the right to work.

What do you get with a residence permit in the European Union?

Most of our compatriots strive to live in the European Union. A residence permit from one of the EU countries is for them only the first step in achieving their goal. The next stage is obtaining a permit for permanent residence and citizenship of a European country. The authorities provide the holder of a residence permit with a number of special advantages:

q_1 Comfortable and safe life in European countries

q_3 Access to the highest level of European medicine and education

q_2 MU L TIV I SA Benefits when obtaining a multiple visa for family members of an immigrant

q_4 The right to open European bank accounts and obtain loans at low rates

q_5 The right to move freely between the countries of the European Union and the Schengen area

q_6 Organization of business in economically stable and developed countries of Europe

q_7 Opportunity for official employment in Europe

q_8 Consular protection outside the European Union

It is important to know!

Official employment in Europe, with a residence permit in the EU, guarantees the foreigner a European pension. If he retains his native citizenship, he will be able to receive two pensions: from the EU state and from his former one.

Obtaining a student residence permit

European education has always been among the most prestigious. Obtaining knowledge, a European diploma, as well as a residence permit in the EU is a good prospect for further employment and obtaining permanent residence and European citizenship.

If your study abroad will last longer than 90 days, then there is a need to obtain a residence permit.

Getting a higher education at a European university and then staying in the country to work is one of the best immigration options for young people. There were times when foreigners hardly came to Europe due to lack of knowledge of the local language, but with the introduction of English programs in universities, more and more people began to apply and move to Europe as students.

The cost of education at European universities is not as high as in the USA, Canada and Australia. Depending on the university, the chosen direction and the country, you will have to pay from 1,500 euros for one year. However, these are not the only student costs in the country. To obtain and annually renew a residence permit, you will have to show a bank account with a certain amount on it (depending on the country, but roughly we can say from 6,000 euros).

The University of Vienna is the oldest university in Europe

The process of obtaining a residence permit for the purpose of studying in Europe is quite simple - just enroll in a university and receive a letter of acceptance from them.

The process is slow. In order to obtain a visa before starting your studies, documents should be submitted at least three months in advance. The fact is that in the case of obtaining a student residence permit, the documents are sent to the migration office at the place of future residence (for example, if you entered an Austrian university in Vienna, then the documents will be sent to the Vienna magistrate), so the processing time for documents depends on the time of their delivery and the workload of local employees services.

There are almost no refusals for student residence permits.

The residence permit is issued for 1 year, with the possibility of subsequent extension, subject to positive results in semester exams.

Services for obtaining a residence permit in the EU

Contacting the International Business company is guaranteed and legally will make you the owner of a residence permit in any country of the European Union. After receiving advice from a personal lawyer, you will need to provide a minimum package of documents, and the rest will be done for you by experienced specialists of our company.


We will prepare the necessary documents that comply with the current requirements of European legislation

w_2_visa VI SA

We will open a visa for you


We will accompany you to the selected European country and help you obtain a residence permit

Use the help of migration experts from International Business to obtain a residence permit in the EU safely and on favorable terms!

Residence permit in Spain

The Spanish Golden Visa is a relatively new type of residence permit. It appeared after the adoption of a law in 2013 aimed at attracting capital to the state’s economy. In exchange for investment, wealthy foreigners receive a permit. It is noteworthy that the application in such situations is considered within 10 days, maximum 20 days. The investment size starts from 1,000,000 €.

You can resolve the issue when purchasing land or real estate. The acquisition cost must be from 500,000 €. But in this case, the document does not give the right to work in the country.

Or establish an enterprise on Spanish territory. There is no specific investment size. It is much more important to strictly comply with established laws and not evade taxes.

In which EU countries is it easier to obtain a residence permit: conditions and costs for registration?

If you are planning to start a new life in a European country, but still have not decided in which direction you want to move, we will help you. We analyzed the conditions for migration in all countries of the European Union. And we offer the three most optimal options for achieving your goal - obtaining a residence permit in Romania, Bulgaria or Poland.

Residence permit in Romania

A Romanian residence permit is still one of the most reliable options for anyone wishing to immigrate to the EU. But since Romania became part of Europe, not only the level of its economy has grown, but also the requirements for those who plan to obtain a residence permit in the EU.

Supporting the European migration policy, Romania considers repatriation and commercial activities to be priority reasons for immigration to the European Union.

The easiest way for a foreign citizen to obtain a residence permit in Poland is through the repatriation program or when starting his own business. The variety of organizational and legal forms and the ease of the procedure for opening a company at a relatively low cost are what attract foreign entrepreneurs and investors to the country.

Changes in Polish immigration legislation in 2021 provided holders of the Pole Card with the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for free. Although foreigners who have proven that they belong to the Polish people have the right to immediately obtain permanent residence.

Residence permit in Poland

Residence permit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria was recognized as one of the countries of the European Union back in 2007, but the decision on its entry into the Schengen zone has not yet been made. This situation is pushing the government to make certain concessions in immigration legislation in order to attract foreign investors. In 2013, Bulgaria began issuing EU residence permits to foreigners who invest over BGN 600,000 in the country's economy.

Accordingly, obtaining a residence permit in the EU based on investments, today, remains the second most accessible option, after repatriation.

European citizenship by investment

The easiest way to obtain EU citizenship is to purchase real estate in Europe with a residence permit and obtain European citizenship through investment. This method will require significant material investments, but will bring tangible benefits. Programs in most countries offer options for combined expenses for residential real estate, government bonds, and financing of charitable foundations.

To obtain a European citizen passport by investment, you will need qualified legal support. Assistance in obtaining citizenship and residence permits in Europe (Cyprus, Malta), the Caribbean (Grenada, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda) is the main focus of our work.

How to get a residence permit in the EU

Are you planning to obtain an EU residence permit? Then you should consider several factors. Firstly, the legislative framework of most European countries is often revised, and therefore frequent changes in immigration policy are possible. Secondly, the immigration laws of different countries of the European Union, although similar, do not exclude local differences. Along with the individual requirements of EU countries, generally accepted grounds apply for obtaining a residence permit in the EU countries:

3 Ownership of European real estate Purchasing real estate in some European countries guarantees its owner a residence permit

2 Large deposits in European banks You can obtain a residence permit in the European Union for investing in the economy of a European country (each state has its own requirements regarding the amount deposited into the account)

1 Employment contract with a European enterprise A foreign specialist can obtain a residence permit of an EU country by concluding an employment contract with a European employer, subject to full employment and permanent presence of the employee in the state

6 Studying at a European university The most popular way to acquire a residence permit in an EU country is to obtain a full-time education

5 Marriage to a European citizen Foreigners whose spouses are European citizens can immigrate to Europe and obtain a residence permit in the EU

4 Doing business in Europe Opening your own business (for most European countries, a branch or subsidiary is sufficient) provides a foreign entrepreneur with the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the EU countries

Are you still unsure which European country is the best option for you? Call now or request a free consultation. We will select for you the most profitable route of immigration to the EU.

How much are you willing to invest in your dream?

There are several basic, approximately identical ways to obtain a residence permit for foreigners. They all differ in the amount of capital required to declare their desire to live in Europe.

There is an opportunity to invest in real estate. It involves the acquisition of a residence permit in the country subject to the purchase of real estate.

Until recently, Latvia was the most attractive in this matter. The amount of investment in real estate required to obtain a residence permit was about 70,000 euros in the provinces and about 140,000 euros in Riga or Jurmala.

However, due to the large number of applications from foreigners seeking to obtain a residence permit in Europe with a relatively small investment, the Latvian authorities began to fear the oppression of their culture.

On September 1, 2014, a law came into force according to which this amount is 250,000 euros, and 5% of this must be donated to state income.

Bulgaria (300,000 euros), Spain (500,000), Portugal (500,000), Cyprus (300,000) and Greece (300,000) have similar programs. In other countries, purchasing real estate is not a 100% guarantee of obtaining a residence permit.

Portugal is a good option for this type of immigration, since this country has a “Golden Visa” project - when purchasing real estate from 500,000 euros, you receive a special form of residence permit.

At the same time, there is no need to live in Portugal; the residence permit will be maintained if you come to the country for at least 7 days a year.

Rocky coast of Portugal

Current registration methods

Conventionally, we can divide the methods of obtaining a residence permit into two categories: basic and investment. The last method is the most suitable for emigrants who can consider themselves financially independent. The first option implies the presence of certain personal qualities and professional skills.

The main advantage of an investment residence permit is the minimum requirements for the applicant. Often a foreigner needs to live in the state for about a year and learn the state language in order to be able to extend his current status.

European countries where it is easiest for a Russian to obtain citizenship

First a little theory

Most people by Europe mean the European Union.
Why? The European Union, consisting of 27 states, is the economic and political center of Europe. Here are opportunities, prospects and development. EU citizens can move freely within its territory without any restrictions. However, in the article, Europe will be considered precisely in a geographical sense. Therefore, the list will include a country that is not part of the EU, but has the prospect of membership in the near future. European countries put forward different conditions and requirements for future citizens. However, there is a general algorithm. First, the emigrant receives a temporary residence permit (residence permit) for 1 year. The residence permit is then extended for the same period several times. On average, after 3.5 years you can apply for a permanent residence permit, which does not require renewal. After a few years, citizenship is issued.

Five years is the minimum period that will be required to live in the status of residence permit and permanent residence in order to obtain European citizenship, for example in the Czech Republic. In Italy or Spain you will have to spend more than 10 years. But first you need to get a residence permit, and this is not at all easy.

A real opportunity to speed up and simplify obtaining a residence permit, and in some cases citizenship, is to buy “status” for investment.

Depending on the program, terms, conditions and costs vary greatly. In some places, only the procedure for issuing a residence permit is being simplified, while in others, the time frame for obtaining citizenship itself is being shortened. For example, in Malta, for €880,000, you can obtain a residence permit in a couple of months, and after a year you can obtain citizenship. In Portugal, it is enough to buy property for €350,000, but you can count on citizenship only after 5 years.

"Simpler" does not mean "simple"

In the matter of obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, the term “simpler” is very conditional. It all depends on goals and objectives, starting capabilities and other factors.

For those who emigrate from Russia forever, the requirement for mandatory residence in the country with the status of residence permit and permanent residence does not play a role. On the contrary, those who do not want to break ties with their homeland overnight will look for programs where the status of a residence permit or citizenship does not oblige them to live in the country.

For example, when obtaining a residence permit through study, any ratings of countries “where it is easier” become meaningless. First of all, they choose a good university whose diploma will be valued in any country in the world, and only then they look at the conditions for obtaining citizenship.

If you, as a highly qualified specialist, can find work in Europe, then your choice will be influenced by completely different factors - climate, safety, comfort, level and cost of living.

That is why we do not consider obtaining a residence permit through study, work, marriage and family reunification, although in reality people receive a residence permit and citizenship through them. These are specific options, and also very lengthy, requiring the applicant to fulfill special conditions.

We compiled a list based on the following criteria: speed of issuing residence permits and citizenship, absence of mandatory residence requirements, the ability to retain a second citizenship, standard of living.

Investments as a way to obtain a residence permit

The main way to invest free funds in another country is to buy real estate there. However, you should know that the fact of purchase itself is not a sufficient basis for obtaining a residence permit. Many European countries are developing and launching various programs for the sale of real estate to attract foreign capital.

Their relevance requires checking before making a transaction. Let's look at some countries:

A countryCost of purchased property, eurosAdditional termsDuration of residence permit, mandatory period of stay in the country
Bulgaria300000acquisition of several objects; investment of at least 50% in the company 1 year
183 days
Portugal5000001 year
7 days
Greece250000without the opportunity to work and run a business5 years
183 days
Cyprus300000only from the developer; external income more than 30,000 euros/year; deposit in a local bank 30,000 euros for 3 years
Malta220000Possible rental housing from 8750 euros/year
Hungaryhousing of at least 12 m2 per person; proof of income 350 euros/month. from 6 months in the country
Montenegrothe property must be free of encumbrances; bank statement for 3650 euros
Andorra400000without the opportunity to work and visit other countriesfrom 3 months in the country
TürkiyeBank statement6 months
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